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Bonelli’s Eagle

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Monographic photo book of the Bonelli’s Eagle.

Texts in Spanish and English.



Tony Peral


Markus Varesvuo


Jose María Gil Sánchez





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This book seeks to rigorously encapsulate current knowledge on this bird of prey, which has fortunately been the subject of a great number of scientific studies, although with a focus mainly limited to one particular portion of the population: the Mediterranean Basin.
— Jose María Gil Sánchez
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They are everyday images that reflect the behaviour and day-to-day life of this winged beast and are, at the same time, a tribute to a species that struggles every day not to disappear from our Iberian mountain ranges.




Listen here a short radio interview about the book (in spanish).

The time spent on one’s photographic endeavours correlates directly with the end result – the more time, the better the pictures. Many of the results of this five-yearlong project are unique.
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“It is a true masterpiece picturing a fascinating raptor like no one has ever done before. The photography is just excellent! The amazing photographs combined with superb printing and layout make the book a joy from cover to cover All in all, it is a beautiful piece of art”

DICK FORSMAN — Ornithologist

“Photographing from his hides in vantage points that leave a lot to hope for as far as comfort, or mere ergonomics goes, Tony has captured countless pictures of Bonelli’s Eagles, with the photographic merits more than intact.

A Bonelli’s Eagle circling along the edges of the majestic mountain sides, or diving after prey with wings folded in close to its body, is a sight to behold. It is easy to understand why Tony made the decision to concentrate his efforts on capturing the eagle in flight and action.”

MARKUS VARESVUO — Wildlife photographer

“Like many other raptor madmen, I met Tony Peral at the observatories of the strait and the bars of Tarifa, and I followed him through the nets until today, when I’ve received his book.

The book experience already begins with the box in which it is presented, worthy of a limited LP edition, and the cover, of an adult female in flight with an imperfection in the tail that does nothing but improve the photo, is quite a declaration of intentions. It begins with six concise and very well written chapters by Jose María Gil Sánchez (and with good English translations) in which an updated review of the biology and conservation of the species is made. From there, as Markus Varesvuo says in the prologue, comes a festival of almost 100 photos, all spellbinding. The first one, with double page, is of a subadult in active molt with an external primary and internal secondary retained and ochre tone in the chest. When I saw it, my face must have remained like that of the partridge that the eagle is about to catch. Not a single photo is filler, none is repeated, and none seems made in a set or known innkeeper. This is one of those books that if it is found by a child at home, it is very probable that when he grows up he wants to become a wildlife photographer, or at least he gets hooked on animals. It's been a while since I've enjoyed this with a book (not an identification book) of birds. A perfect project. Congratulations colleague!”

JAVI ELORRIAGA — Ornithologist & BTS guide

“An essential work for any photographer and naturalist. You already know how impressive Bonelli's photographs taken by Tony Peral in recent years are, and that's why it's worth seeing them on paper. The very high print quality and the texts of Jose Maria Gil Sanchez "El Indio" make all these photos gain even more value.”

UGO MELLONE — Wildlife photographer


“What Tony Peral wished to undertake was a major challenge: capturing those moments when the eagle makes exhibits, casts, nuptial flights, bankruptcies... He wanted, therefore, to do something that hadn't been done. (…)

A huge effort but, it brings with it the satisfaction, when he gets it, of to obtain a material that is not only aesthetically formidable, but also of value for the naturalist as a scientific document. The collection of photos presented by Tony Peral is, like, excellent. Both the portraits, where there is a patent effort to present the eagle but also its environment, as well as those of natural history, where in addition of the shots themselves of the copulations, the casts of hunting or exhibits, see to it that these are framed in the scenarios, very photogenic, where they live. (…)

Tony Peral knows well the species he wants to document. So many hours in the field behind it, has made him aware of its behavior, patterns of daily activity, how it hunts, how it relates its partner, and many others details. The nature photographers who, like Tony Peral's case, are chasing an ambitious goal in a species, they end up to soak up its natural history thanks to direct observation. They are, in short, experts in the natural history of the species that follow. (…)

We recommend everyone who values and enjoys photography of birds, especially, birds of prey, buying this book. Nowadays print runs in nature books and more specifically those of ornithology are usually short. All those who might be interested in it, buy it right now! It is easy, over the years; you regret not having bought a copy.”

JOSÉ LUIS COPETE — Ornithologist, bibliographical researcher & photographic editor in Lynx Edicions

“The level of attention to detail and photographic quality is impressive. It seems obvious that this book is the result of a long-time passion.

For starters, check out the amazing packaging with a Bonelli's Eagle printed on the box and the wax seal. Also, the FSC certificate guarantees that all the materials used for the production of the book come from sustainable, eco-friendly sources

I've included a few images from the cover and some of the inner photographies. All the photographies included in the book are different and amazing, with some showing Bonelli's eagles as very few have seen them before.

The book texts, written by José María Gil, are both in Spanish and English, making this the perfect christmas gift for any raptorphile…”

YERAY SEMINARIO — Ornithologist & BTS guide



Almost fifty years ago, on my very first visit to Spain, my then wife and I found the chair-lift to the Navecerrada operating, although it was late June. We rode up in it, and an eagle flew rapidly past below us, apparently hunting. It had the distinctive white ‘lozenge’ on its back – my first sighting of the truly magnificent Bonelli’s Eagle. We need to go forward twenty five years to the next episode in this tale. I was operating as an ornithological tour-guide, and had a booking for 25 Scandinavians, who wanted a tour of Extremadura. I needed help with such a coachload, and secured the assistance of a young nature photographer, Tony Peral. Together we avoided complete disaster, and the clients somehow sobered up enough to see a good range of birds. Little did I then realize the extent of Tony’s dedication and skill. He has, quite simply, made it his young life’s work to pursue and to depict the Bonelli’s Eagle in all phases of this wonderful eagle’s life. He has spent many, many hours, sequestered in caves, holes in the rock, clumps of shrub, wherever, his lens poking out unobtrusively, often without success. The result of his labours is a fantastic book, entitled simply ‘Aguila de Bonelli’ – by Tony Peral. You can obtain it from Amazon – and you certainly should – it would make a great present for someone who otherwise ‘has everything.’ Bonelli’s Eagle (some books call it Aguila perdicera – ‘Partridge eagle’) is classed as in Danger of Extinction, threatened as it is by loss of habitat (rock-climbing, for one thing) lack of prey, power-lines and uninsulated pylons – upon which it likes to perch, and furtive hunting. But here near the Mediterranean coast of Spain, there remains a small stronghold of this beautiful and enigmatic bird.

MALCOLM PALMER — Ornithologist


You know you are in front of a special book the moment the package with ‘Águila de Bonelli’s’ is being delivered. The amazing packaging with a Bonelli’s Eagle printed on the box and the wax seal, is really unique and classy. Some would compare the experience to the one you get when purchasing a limited edition vinyl. From the moment you untie the strings and open the box, you are on a trip to the land of the Bonelli’s Eagles.

The cover shows an adult female in flight. She is missing one of her tail feathers, which does nothing but improve the visual impact of the photography. It’s truly a statement of intents. The author, Tony Peral, provides further insight on the magnitude of his work stating in the introduction that he stopped counting the hours spent in his hide after 3000!

Good and authoritative texts

The book begins with six concise and well written chapters by Jose María Gil Sánchez and consists on an updated review of the biology and conservation of the species. English-speakers, don’t get distracted by the title, this book has been translated into English. However, the photographies, which are the most important part of the book are universal.

A festival of Bonelli’s eagles’ photos

From there, as the prestigious Markus Varesvuo says in the prologue, comes a true festival of almost 100 photos, all of them of superb quality. The first, a double-page image, shows a subadult Bonelli’s Eagle right in the moment she is catching a Red-legged Partridge. Next page, an adult folds its wings to dive directing its gaze on you!

Not a single photo in the book is a filler, none is redundant, and none seems to be done in a known set or hide. Moreover, some photos in this book show scenes of Bonelli’s eagles very rarely seen before. This is one of those books that, if a child happens to find, it is very likely that he will want to be a wildlife photographer.

We believe it’s important to note that the FSC certificate guarantees that all the materials used for the production of the book come from sustainable, eco-friendly sources.


...and after this session, I knew that I had become totally enthralled by this winged beast. Following so many consecutive months of failure, this would be the beginning of a journey of exciting triumphs.
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Bonelli’s Eagle is one of the most extraordinary creatures that inhabits the Iberian peninsula. This raptor is jewel amongst Western Palearctic birdlife and the majority of its population is centred on the Mediterranean basin.

Its numbers have decreased markedly in recent years, thanks to factors such as the proliferation of power-lines, persecution, lack of prey and loss of habitat. According to data supplied by the UICN, the Bonelli’s Eagle is catalogued as ‘In Danger.’





30 x 28 cm


Se produce este libro con la más alta calidad en impresión, utilizando la trama estocástica, consiguiendo así una máxima definición en las imágenes, ampliando la gama cromática, mayor precisión en la reproducción de los colores, una correcta saturación del color y un mayor realismo en la nitidez de los detalles.


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Libro impreso en papel estucado mate de 150gr a color y resaltando la fotografía con un barniz sobreimpresión que hace más real la imagen


Con una encuadernación de alta calidad de tapa dura y unas guardas en un papel especial Sirio Sabbia de 140gr.